Magic technology

The subLOOPER® technology consists of changing the hinge side, based on position and force load. By pressing and pulling the tool in one operation, the hinge side changes.


subLOOPER® have already saved a lot of operational time in projects. It looks like magic when you see it in operation.

Time-saving and automated “needle operation”

Moving GRP Protection Covers on seabed might be a time challenging task. For lifting the cover, they are supplied with holes that soft straps can be threaded through. Normaly this require a one sided “needle threading” operation, carried out with an ROV. This can take a lot of time, but clever ROV pilots will always fix it. With subLOOPER® the “needle operation” is automated. You still need the same soft slings, the same ROV and ROV Pilot, but the time used for mounting them onto the GRP Cover is reduced to a minimum.


subLOOPER® ensures secure mounting, and a time saving operation.



• Timesaving operation

• Safe operation

• Easy operational planning

• Rental product



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