Personal robot

Within a few decades, the personal computer has completely revolutionized everyday life for all of us. Now comes the personal robot.

A personal robot is one whose human interface and design make it useful for

individuals. This is by contrast to industrial robots which are generally configured and

operated by robotic specialists.


A personal robot enables an individual to automate the repetitive or menial part of

home or work life making them more productive. For people with special needs, personal robots solve a number of everyday tasks in a safe and secure manner.

Personal robots have great opportunities to be used in education, industry, research

as well as in the health sector and in the field of assistive technology.


The Kinova robots are such a personal robot, designed to help people.

Unlike the industrial robot, the Kinova robot is designed so you don't have to be a

specialist to control and program them.


With a light weight of only 8,3 kg, they are also portable and easy to move.

Contact us for a Personal Robot chat or brochure material.

  • Made of carbon

  • Light weight of only 8,3 kg

  • Portable and easy to move

  • Open source

  • ROS compatibility (Robot Operating System)



+47 41 35 35 09

+47 45 60 82 55


Stålverksvegen 51, 

4100 Jørpeland, Norway

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