Industrial robot and cobot

We always search the best solution and layout for the customer.


If it is beneficial to use a robot, our solutions to customer can be with:

  • Industrial robots

  • Cobots

  • Low cost cobots

Industrial robot:

  • Usually built in with security fence

  • Issues of traditional industrial robot can lift up to 1300 kg

  • Works quickly, accurately and efficiently


  • Collaborative robot, designed to work with people

  • Can lift up to 35 kg (Fanuc CR-35iA)

  • Easy to install and program

  • Work slow and safely with people, accurately and efficiently

  • Low weight on cobots with low lifting capacity


Low cost cobot:

  • Low price

  • Low weight

  • 6-axis

  • No cabinet, only powersupply

  • Can be used where repetitive movement  are required, such as cylinder movements etc.

  • low cost cobots will make souch lines very felxible



+47 41 35 35 09

+47 45 60 82 55


Stålverksvegen 51, 

4100 Jørpeland, Norway

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